We offer following off-the-shelf products:

3nd Generation Cameras

  • UC-200: 13MP AF Camera Module
  • UC-203GS: 1080p60 Global Shutter Camera Module with 3.3x Zoom and AF
  • UC-310: Super compact 3MP Camera Module with 10x Zoom and AF
  • UC-330: 30x Zoom 3MP Camera (in development)
  • UC-840: 40x Zoom 4K Camera (in development)
  • UC-818: 18x Zoom 4K Camera (in development)

Stereoscopic Products


  • UC-23-3D: 1080p Stereoscopic CMOS Camera Module with 12x Zoom-Lens and AF
  • DFM: Dual-head FCB Interface Module

FCB Interface Boards

  • FLEX-10: Interface board for FCB and other LVDS cameras with HDMI, USB2.0 and 1Gb Ethernet
  • DFM: Dual-head FCB Interface Module
  • FCB-IF-USB3: USB3.0 interface board for SONY FCB-EH/EV/SE/MA130-series cameras

FPGA Boards & Tools

  • EEBlaster: JTAG programmer for ALTERA┬«-FPGAs



  • JPEG-Codec: JPEG compressor and decompressor-cores which are fast and use only very few ressources
  • LDC-Technology: Lens distortion correction (image transformation and shading correction)