Custom Camera Design

With our long experience in developing cameras we can also offer you custom designs:

  • Modified versions of our standard products
  • Completely customized development
  • With or without integerated lens
  • AF, AE (auto-exposure), white-balance, etc.
  • Various interfaces (VGA, USB, Ethernet, LVDS,...)

 OEM Camera DesignOEM Camera Design

Hardware and Firmware Development

Beside FPGA- and camera-design we also offer generic electronic design for embedded systems:

  • Schematic
  • PCB-Layout
  • Firmware-Programming (typically in C, we have experience with ATMEL AVR, 8051, Freescale Star12, ARM, HC05/ST7 and of course ERIC5)
  • Complete projects or only parts of it
  • Simple and complex projects

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